BigData Republic is a multidisciplinary team of experienced Big Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Big Data Architects and Big Data Strategists. Irrespective of an organization’s big data maturity level, we help to translate business goals into the design, implementation and utilization of innovative solutions. We offer four key services to deliver business value for our clients, depending on the maturity level of each organization:

3 steps to data science in production

Explore: Situation Analysis, Experiment: Tangible results, Exploit: Operational Embedding

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We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced Big Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Big Data Architects and Big Data Strategists. These combined skill sets and competencies allows us to not only build predictive and prescriptive models, but also to engineer software in a tailor-made big data infrastructure that efficiently processes data, applies algorithms and exposes data-driven insights.


We believe in open-source technology. BigData Republic contributes all code that is not confidential to a specific customer back to the open-source community. This practice promotes code reuse, which allows us to kick-start projects, reduce project costs, and help customers keeping up-to-date with the state-of-the-art. We do not offer standardized products as we believe one size does not fit all. However, our solutions are the perfect starting point for your custom-tailored solution without starting from scratch. These solutions include:

The data science box

The data science box allows data scientists to analyze company data using their favorite tools such as R and Python. This virtual environment can be run on a laptop. Recommended as starting point for single-user projects.

The data science hub

If you prefer more control over who is accessing the data, and want to promote collaboration between data scientists, the data science hub is an ideal solution. The hub is similar to the box, but it allows multiple users in the same virtual environment. The hub can be deployed in the cloud or in an on-premise data center. Recommended as starting point for most multi-user projects.

The data science cluster

Both the data science box and hub can be connected to the data science cluster. This allows data scientists to perform analyses on very large data sets, as well as apply more complex machine learning algorithms in parallel. The cluster can be deployed on any of the major clouds (AWS/Azure/Google) as well as in an on-premise data center. Together with the box or hub, the data science cluster provides all you need for a full-fledged data science lab.

These kick-start solutions enable you and BigData Republic to execute all of your data science use-cases.

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We have worked with a broad variety of clients, ranging from small business enterprise to multinationals. Sectors include retail, finance, energy, automotive and more. A selection of our clients:

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We do not restrict ourselves to one product or technique. This enables us to choose the best solution for each organization.