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workshop Refine & prove value - Analytics Translator 2021

This Analytics Translator Workshop will teach you how to refine a use case for a data science project. Sign up to get familiar with the concepts, learn how to prove the value of your idea, and pick the metrics that matter!


You don't have enough Analytics Translators, here's why that's a problem

I often get asked the question ‘Why do AI projects fail?’ As a data science consultant, I’ve seen a variety of organizations struggle to make AI work for them.

Machine learning for predictive maintenance: where to start?

Think about all the machines you use during a year, all of them, from a toaster every morning to an airplane every summer holiday. Now imagine that, from now on, one of them would fail every day.

Whitepaper: Achieving Servitization

How serverless technologies minimize adaptation for industrial manufacturers

Building data-driven services is hard, especially if your company is not a traditional IT company. Choosing for serverless helps you mitigate hurdles in your project and organization. Download this whitepaper to find out how and why serverless reaches beyond technical practicalities.

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