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online meetup Stateful Function-as-a-Service

During this online meetup 4 experts will share their knowledge on the function-as-a-service programming paradigm.

  • on demand webinar The Analytics Translator in a nutshell

    This webinar will teach you what an Analytics Translator does, which skills are needed and how the product lifecycle helps to execute succesful AI projects.


You don't have enough Analytics Translators, here's why that's a problem

I often get asked the question ‘Why do AI projects fail?’ As a data science consultant, I’ve seen a variety of organizations struggle to make AI work for them.

Machine learning for predictive maintenance: where to start?

Think about all the machines you use during a year, all of them, from a toaster every morning to an airplane every summer holiday. Now imagine that, from now on, one of them would fail every day.

Analytics Translator Training

2-4 Sep 2020, Online course

Do you want to execute successful AI projects in your organization? You'll need an Analytics Translator. Someone who can bridge the gap between technical and operational expertise. In this training we'll teach you how to become one.

Start translating!

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