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At BigData Republic we believe in craftsmanship. We are passionate people who want to be the best at what we do and transfer our enthusiasm to others. We prefer aiming to push boundaries, think, learn and grow together. Whether it is about increasing sales, decreasing costs, reducing risks or optimizing processes – BigData Republic is the expert partner during the full transition to a data-driven organization.

Why work with us?

  • All-round expertise with 100% focus on big data. A multidisciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, architects, strategists and trainers in which everyone speaks the same language.
  • 100% technology-independent. We have no connection or commitment with specific tooling, hence focusing on the best solution for each customer.
  • In collaboration with the client. Not pretending to be able to replace a domain expert, but achieving the best solution together with the team of the customer. Instead of merely implementing according to the wishes of our clients, we advise and help you reach the best potential.
  • Knowledge transfer. Our goal is to empower our clients and enable them to independently execute big data projects. As well consulting, implementation and knowledge transfer in one project.
  • Undersell, overperform. An organization that lives up to high expectations and often exceeds.


We are growing with regards to the amount of clients, projects and team members. Therefore, we are looking for new colleagues who want to develop themselves and work on cutting edge projects for our clients. Interested? Have a look at our different job profiles.

Why work for us?

  • Multidisciplinary teams at the highest level within the Netherlands. Regardless of your skill set, always someone around to learn from.
  • The most challenging and varied projects that are in line with your qualities, likings and ambitions.
  • Personal development. Your own development plan, knowledge sessions and participation in events to always let you rise in your field of expertise.
  • Experienced consultants. No trainees or consultants who learn the basics on the job, but someone with the required experience to quickly help an organization to reach its targets.
  • 100% technology-independent so you won’t specialize in just a few tools or techniques.
  • The organizational structure and company culture of a start-up with the facilities of a large organization.
    • A personal approach in which you are more important than the revenue you generate. Everyone contributes to the success of the organization with a lot of space for own initiatives.
    • Being part of a young and close team in a great company with a lot of togetherness, where your colleagues are your friends and help each other, instead of competitors against who you must prove yourself.
    • Quality over quantity. You do not have to worry that we let ourselves be tempted by a takeover.
  • Good working conditions in line with your abilities rather than your age.


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