We help to improve the skill sets of your internal employees to get better results on your big data and data science related projects. We offer a blend of standardized and tailor-made education & training programs.

Standard curriculum

Big Data Introduction

The perfect start to create awareness within your organization of the big data potential. Unique in this course is the combination of general theory and discussing specific potential use-cases for your organization.

Big Data Science

From general data science courses to hands-on R, Python or machine learning sessions.

Big Data Engineering

General big data engineering, Java, Scala or Spark sessions.

Big Data Architectures

Building your own big data platform. From courses in which we compare the different technical possibilities to hands-on sessions of the technology of your preference.

Tailored-made training program

Our data science training program is tailored to the entry level and the specific ambition of your organization for its data scientists. Based on the differences a series of training, literature, instructional videos and books is created for each employee. The employees (up to 5 persons per group) get the opportunity to work on their personal program on an agreed day, at your office location or at the office of BigData Republic in Nieuwegein. On these days, big data experts are available to guide the trainees.

Topics that are addressed:

  • Big data introductory concepts and techniques
  • Machine learning – regression, regularization
  • Advanced machine learning – random forest, neural networks, etc.
  • Python
  • Spark

During this program BigData Republic will determine the current competence levels and thereby determine the content of the specific data science training program. In addition, exams will be taken and reviewed and trainees will receive a certificate after successful completion program. This program typically runs for a longer period (6-12 months).

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