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Workshops that bring data science to your organisation

Bring data science to your organisation

You probably know the famous statistic about most data science projects failing. Maybe you even have this experience or have seen it happen around you. We believe the role of analytics translator is a vital part of any organisation wanting this to change. There is a lot of power in data and the use of it. Bringing this to life is much easier when business and data professionals are aligned. An analytics translator is exactly the right type of person to make this happen.

11 June 2019
Blog: You don't have enough Analytics Translators, here's why that's a problem
I often get asked the question ‘Why do AI projects fail?’ As a data science consultant, I’ve seen a variety of organizations struggle to make AI work for them.

The data product lifecycle, characterized by three distinct phases: ideation, experimentation and industrialization.

The Analytics Translator job description

Any data-related project has to go through some form of the project funnel above. In each stage the business goals and technical possibilities need to be evaluated to decide on whether and how to continue. Data and business people can bring the required expertise, but to make the process effective someone needs to ensure they share a language and framework. This is effectively the job description of an analytics translator.

Resources on how to become an Analytics Translator

Webinar: The Analytics Translator in a nutshell

This webinar will give you a better idea of the role of a translator. You'll learn:

  • Why analytics translators drive value in AI projects.
  • What the skill set of an analytics translator is.
  • How the analytics translator brings AI products from idea to execution using the product lifecycle.

Analytics Translator Workshops

Over the course of the year we are hosting half-day workshops that dive deeper into specific steps in the project funnel. We will provide you with a theoretical framework to take home with you as well as the opportunity to work out a practical case. The trainers are experienced data professionals themselves who have seen many organisations and use cases. They will share their experience with you. You will find the schedule of upcoming events below.


We host our Analytics Translator Workshops multiple times per year. This agenda shows the upcoming workshops. Sign up and join!

workshop Refine & prove value - Analytics Translator 2021

This Analytics Translator Workshop will teach you how to refine a use case for a data science project. Sign up to get familiar with the concepts, learn how to prove the value of your idea, and pick the metrics that matter!

Meet the trainers

Paulien Out - Paulien is a lead data scientist and consultant at BigData Republic. After obtaining a PhD in operations research, she worked in various types of organisations and industries, including telecom, public services, health care and finance. She has had different roles, but always in the data and modeling space. Now she uses her experience and knowledge to help organisations set up and professionalise their data teams. Having seen many stages of maturity and organisational models, she knows what works and doesn’t work. She is eager to share this experience in this series of workshops, partnering up with Bart to cover all aspects of the data workspace.

Bart Hazen - Bart is a machine learning engineer at BigData Republic. With a pragmatic approach, he has successfully designed and built scalable data science platforms and data pipelines from scratch. He has experience in various sectors, including retail, finance, airline, and telecommunications. More importantly, he has a passion for sharing knowledge, most particularly in code quality and optimising ML scalability through the use of public cloud platforms. Connecting to new people excites him, which is why he looks forward to meeting the Analytics Translator participants.


"Being able to translate findings from analytics is not a specific role per se, but a capability that must be nurtured and harnessed within all current-day employees. Complimentary to elementary school having taught you how to read and write, this workshop will make you become data literate and enable you to share your learnings with others. Enjoy!"

Marc Jacobs (Trouw Nutrition) - Team Lead Data Science

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